We’re here to








Point fingers

Bemoan the crisis

make the shidduch process easier — for everyone.


Solution-oriented, always

We dream of a world…

….where every single feels
calm, connected, and cared for.

… where every parent feels confident, knowing they are helping their child as best as they can.

… where every shadchan feels supported as they support, guided as they guide, and appreciated for what they do.

Kind words from
the Shidduch Trenches

Kind words from
the Shidduch Trenches


A single vision

Adopt A Shadchan began with
1 vision, 2 shadchanim, and a few shuls.

When Lisa Elefant, Ruchie Gibberstein, and Daniella Feldman founded Adopt A Shadchan in 2018, they planned to have various shadchanim focus on singles of specific shuls in the Tristate area.

Since then, the AAS network expanded dramatically, spearheading dozens of initiatives, programs, and projects that make the shidduch process less painful and more hopeful.

Today, Adopt A Shadchan is the frum world’s largest shadchan network, connecting top-notch shadchanim from around the world.


Happily ever after…

a lot of great work

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We don’t only have
initiatives for singles.
We give singles initiative.

Behind our events, designs, ideas and programs stand our incredibly talented, capable singles. Together, we guide and support each other through this sometimes-fun, often-painful, usually-crazy time.

Our message to singles, parents, and shadchanim

We see you, we hear you,

and we’re here to help you.


Where me becomes we

Lisa Elefant

Founder and Program Developer

Ruchie Gibberstien

Founder and Lead Shadchan


Led by Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Lieff

Rabbi Aryeh Feigenbaum
Dallas, TX

Rabbi Efrem Goldberg
Boca Raton, FL

Rabbi Baruch Yehuda Gradon
Los Angeles, CA

Rabbi Yaacov Gross
Miami Beach, FL

Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Lieff
Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Tzvi Ralbag
Woodmere, NY

Rabbi Yisroel Reisman
Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Aryeh Rodin
Dallas, TX

Rabbi Chaim Schabes
Monsey, NY

Rabbi Benzion Schiffenbauer
Brooklyn, NY

Behind every single is the entire AAS team. We’ve got your back.

(and we have chocolate       )

Lisa Elefant

Founder and Program Developer

A passionate leader and creative thinker, Lisa Elefant is the heart and soul behind Adopt A Shadchan. She turned AAS from a fledgling organization in one community, to a worldwide movement that innovates several new, successful programs yearly.

Lisa/Mrs. Elefant made her first shidduch 18 years ago and has not allowed anything (including Covid!) to stop her from creating Jewish homes around the world. After working in a Flatbush office for 30 years, Mrs. Elefant decided to focus all her energies on creating a worldwide network and platform for the singles and shadchanim in our communities.

She’s famous for inspiring shadchanim, networking around the world, founding dozens of incredible events and AAS initiatives, and most importantly – advocating intensely for singles, and making them feel supported, valued, and heard.

Fun, authentic, and with an uncanny ability to connect and spread warmth, Mrs. Elefant loves seeing what makes people tick and bringing out the latent strengths in those around her. With her wide variety of initiatives that appeal to every spectrum of society, Mrs. Elefant is passionate about teaming up together to accomplish more — without limits.

Mrs. Ruchie Giberstien

Founder and Lead AAS Shadchan

In 2019, Ruchi Giberstien founded Adopt A Shadchan with Lisa Elefant. 

A veteran shadchan, great listener, and out-of-the-box thinker, Mrs. Giberstien has been setting up thousands of singles for 20+ years and has made close to 200 shidduchim. She primarily deals with singles in their 20s, and brings together thousands of singles from all over the US. Patient, easygoing, and calm, she coordinates and leads much of the programming for shadchanim and singles at Adopt A Shadchan’s Brooklyn headquarters.

A skillful, seasoned shadchan, Mrs. Giberstien is a fan of utilizing dating coaches (when necessary) to gain perspective and insight. A Brooklyn native, mother of 6 wonderful children, and former paralegal, Mrs. Giberstien brings warmth, patience and an unusual level of intuition to a confusing and draining process.

When she’s not coordinating dates, meeting singles, or guiding other shadchanim, you can find Mrs. Giberstien employing her people and life skills to do what she loves most: raise her beautiful family. 

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